San Diego Psychic & Healing Arts Fair

Sunday, August 14

10 am - 7 pm @ Marina Village Conference Center - Captain's Room

1936 Quivira Way, San Diego, CA 92109

Talks start at 10 am. Exhibit Hall opens at 11 am.

(Regular Admission is $10 at the door. Kids 12 and under get in FREE.)

Speaker Schedule

Included FREE with Admission

10:00 am

Betty Sanabria


10:30 am

Dr Ida Greene, PhD

Intuition Magic for Life and Business

11:00 am

Wendy Lockhart

Aligning Mind-Body-Spirit for Intuitive Power

11:30 am

Kendra Keith, DPT

Myofascial Release - Help Yourself Heal

12:00 - 1:00 pm

LaShawn Butler and Jaime Allen

Life Readings and Communication with Loved Ones on the Other Side

1:00 pm

Alan Blum, D.C.

Triple your Energy and Get More Done

1:30 pm

Lian Shoemake

Allowing Your Knowing: Intuition Pep Talk

2:00 pm

Darrow Rupp

The Book Of Destiny

2:30 pm

Karla Michele

5 Ways to Protect your Own Energy

3:00 pm

Courtney Quinn

Discovering & Starting Your Shadow Work Journey

3:30 pm

Dirk Barkemeijer de Wit - Quantum Ionic

Air & Water Ionizers, Health & Wellness Benefits, Residual Income Opportunity

4:00 pm

Suzanne Wyman

You Are Psychic

4:30 pm

Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

Animals Love Reiki Too! About Animal Reiki & Animal Reiki Stories

5:00 pm

Roger Bains

The Conversation Before You Were Born

5:30 pm

Share International

The World Teacher for this Age of Aquarius

6:00 pm

Juan Martinez

Using Crystals to Manifest Abundance, Health & Love

6:30 pm

Sherard Wilkins

Reiki Initiation and Actualization

Schedule Appointments, Show Specials, & FREE Gifts

with Sponsors, Vendors, Readers, & Healers

Mystic Darrow: Cards of Destiny

Darrow Rupp

Reiki Sessions

Dirk & Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

Holy Fire Reiki Usuii & Crystal Sound Healing - for Donations on Day of Event

Sunshine Sea Heals

Numerology, Past Lives, Coaching

Ontology Wellness

Food Options for You

Order delivery, or enjoy a 5 min walk along the beach.

Psychic & Healing Arts Fair's

Kitty Cafe

Kitty in Coffee Mug

Snacks & Drinks

Gourmet Herbal CBD, Hemp, Loose Leaf Tea, Energy Bars, Fig Bars, Cliff Bars, Kitty Merch

At the Psychic & Healing Arts Fair - outside and in the back

Royal Rooster

August 14 Readers, Healers & Vendors

Exhibit Hall opens at 11 am. Access to the exhibit hall is included with admission. Get psychic readings, tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, mediumship readings, astrology readings, numerology readings. Get energy healings, Reiki healings, chakra healings. Shop holistic and metaphysical gifts including gemstones, gemstone jewelry, healing crystals, holistic health products.

The Body Organization for Optimal Alignment Mind, Body and Soul

Val Joy

Tarot by Mystic Darrow: Cards of Destiny

Darrow Rupp

Tarot Card Readings, Oracle Card Readings

Kirsi Bromann

Gourmet Herbal Loose Leaf Tea, CBD, Hemp, etc

Bella Juelz, CBT

Jewelry, Keychains, Tumblers, Crystal Pendants, Bracelets

Collectively Loving Boutique

Reiki Sessions, Guided Meditations, Quantum Ionizers, Candles

Dirk & Rhiannon Barkemeijer de Wit

Sterling Silver Jewelry Made with Gemstones for Healing

Kathy Battisti - Sdsoulstones

Holistic Women's Health & Wellness - Myofascial Release

Kendra Keith, DPT - Pink Physical Therapy, Inc.

Angel Medium/Psychic Medium/Reiki/Crystal Healer/Space Cleansing

Jaime Allen

Chiropractic Adjustments that Harmonize the Physical & Subtle Bodies

Dr. Michael Baba

Jewelry, Crystals, Geodes, Bracelets, Reiki, Shaman Medium Readings

LaShawn Butler

Pet Crystals, Home Crystals, Mala, Tag Engravings & More!

Hounds and Friends

Intuitive Wellness-Healing Art-Channeled Portraits

Wendy Lockhart

Crystal Light Bed Therapy, Heart Chakra Activation

Dr. Kathleen L Dixon, Ph.D

Ontology Wellness, Intuitive Readings, Past Life, Spiritual Coaching

Roger Bains

SuperNatural Latina: Psychic-Medium, Author, Spiritual Coach

Betty Blevins

Sacred Geometry to Balance Energy

Suzanne Wyman

Chiropractor, Energy Healer

Alan Blum, D.C.

Crystals, Wire Wrapped Jewelry & Orgonite

Rhitrie Crystals

Psychic Medium, Aura Readings, Clean Chakras

Karla Michele

Moringa Light Energy / CBD and Moringa

Joel Gold

Health Programs - Energy Healing & Body Work

Adam Masters

Carribbean Psychic, Tarot & Angel Card Readings

Daisy Mayers

Sacred Chakra Balancing, Crystals, Aromatherapy

Stephanie Harnack

Channel and Medium

Christine Cappuccino

Share International

Raymond Paulson

Aura Photos

John Lundgren

Tarot & The Mystic Arts

Courtney Quinn

Tarot, Runes, & Divination with Pokémon Cards

Sachi The Scorpio

Certified Angel Card Reader & Angelic Astrologer

Sarah Turitto

Local, Organic, Seasonal Produce and Farm Products Delivered Fresh

Farm Fresh To You

Agarbatti Sabki Incense, USA Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

Amisha Sheth

Crystals and Handmade Spiritual Tools and Decor

Santana Rendon

Reiki, Healing, Readings, Yoga, Crystals & Gems

Sunshine Carr

Caribbean Psychic Reader

Daisy Mayers

Creative Expression That Unlocks Your Mythic Self

Adrienne Prince

Psychic Medium

Debra Hookey

Akashic Soul Readings

Dr. Ida Greene

Gems by Rein

Rein Blanchard

Clairaudient: Tarot, Runes & Rare Crystals

Sunny Nelson

Henna Artist, Intuitive Healer, & Palm Reader

Renu Lal

Intuitive Mentor and Spiritual Channel

Betty Sanabria

Lomi Lomi Kaomi / Hawaiian Power Flow Massage

Akoni Apana

Any Bodies Massage . . . Reiki, Crystal, Sound Healing

Joseph Sage Taylor

Healing Crystals From Around the World, Handmade Energy Jewelry

Marc Thomas - Crystal Balanced

Reiki-Infused Chakra Sprays, Chair Reiki, Art Creations

Red-Headed Hummingbird/Star Room Reiki

Life Coach, Author “The Books of Heaven on Earth”

Daniel Prok

Spiritual Intuitive/ Medium, Intuitive Coach

Lian Shoemake

Affirmative, Healing Prayer for All Facets of Daily Life

Barbara Molter, C.S.

Previous 2022 Readers, Healers & Vendors

The Art of Noticing * Marseille Tarot and Lenormand Card Readings

Jonathan Snapp-Cook

Life Force Healing and Touch, Shamanic Healing & Reiki, Massage & Cupping, Yoga

Jacquelyn Miller

Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Labyrinths, Retreats, to Help you Step into your Full Potential

Catalina De Leon

Reconnective & Theta Healing, Intuitive Channeled Readings, Holistic Coach

iuliana Scheir

The Gentle Touch: Non-Forced Chiropractic Treatment

Debbie Goldring, D.C.

Modern Metaphysical Gifts & Decor From The Green Witch!

Courtney McCord

Life Coaching, Yoga, Tibetan Bowls, Reiki, Akashic Records

Courtney Walters

Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression

Alexandra McGee

Mission: Support Happiness, Health & Prosperity - Manifesting & Embracing an Ever-Expanding Reality

Karen Hasick

Holistic Healer, Educator, Certified Life Coach, & Homemade Natural Body Care Products

Taheerah "Tee" Armour

Heal Your Life Affirmations using the Power of your own Mind

Christy Dickson


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