Sacramento Psychic & Healing Arts Fair


June 12, 2022

10 am - 6 pm @ Wyndham Hotel Sacramento (formerly Crowne Plaza)

5321 Date Ave, Sacramento, CA 95841

(Regular Admission is $10 at the door. Kids 12 and under get in FREE.)

Speaker Schedule

Included FREE with Admission

10 - 11 am: Chestnut Room

Bridget Bertera

Seance - Messages from Loved Ones on the Other SIze

11:00 am - Chestnut Room

Karen Sommers & Steve Robinson

Gallery Readings: Afterlife Communication

11:00 am - Maple Room

Lee Osborne

Awareness In This Time Of Change

11:30 am - Chestnut Room

Crystal Connor

Planning an Incarnation and Life Path

11:30 am - Maple Room

Kimmie Allen Balwin

Spirit Energy Art Psychic Doodles

12:00 pm - Chestnut Room

Venus Energia

Crystal Skull Meditation

12:00 pm - Maple Room

Janie Jurkovich

How I Came to Download an Entire Book from Ascended Masters

12:30 pm - Chestnut Room

Anne Temple

Mediumship and Getting in Touch with Your Ancestral Spirits

12:30 pm - Maple Room

Tanjila with SoulSearch

Building Spiritual Community in Extraordinary Times

1:00 pm - Chestnut Room

Veronica Lee

Access Your Akashic Records with Ease & Joy

1:00 pm - Maple Room

Juan Martinez

Using Crystals to Manifest Abundance, Health & Love

1:30 pm - Chestnut Room

Dennie Sunbeam

Awaken your Four Psychic Senses

1:30 pm - Maple Room

Armineh Turgeon

Grounding Technique and Present Time

2:00 pm - Chestnut Room

Norbert Johnson

Transmission Meditation - to Help the World

2:00 pm - Maple Room

Roger Bains

The Conversation Before You Were Born

2:30 pm - Chestnut Room

Shalea Gates

Metaphysics, Spirituality & Tarot

2:30 pm - Maple Room

Alex Treglazoff

Messages and Meditations

3:00 pm - Chestnut Room


Astrological Influences in Relationships

3:00 pm - Maple Room

Jody Drexler

Open your Consciousness to Abundance

3:30 pm - Chestnut Room

Susan Langley

Keys to the Akashic Records - Past Life Regression

3:30 pm - Maple Room

Zion Guinn . . . Letting Go of Old Stories,

Co-Creating a New Reality & the Journey of the Medicine Wheel

4 - 5 pm - Chestnut Room

Eric "The Healer" Dadmehr

Attracting Love, Freedom & Happiness

4:00 pm - Maple Room

Dawn Morrisson

The Benefits of Floating

Schedule Appointments, Show Specials, & FREE Gifts

with Sponsors, Vendors, Readers, & Healers

Energy Frequency Medicine Practitioner

Armineh Turgeon

Your Global Guide to Spirituality & Consciousness

Tanjila with SoulSearch

Handmade, Upcycled, & Estate Jewelry

Joyce Pierce Alchemies

Spirit Drawings, Paintings & Prints

Kimmie Allen Baldwin

Numerology, Past Lives, Coaching

Ontology Wellness

More Readers, Healers & Vendors

Access to the exhibit hall is included with admission. Get psychic readings, tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, mediumship readings, astrology readings, numerology readings. Get energy healings, Reiki healings, chakra healings. Shop holistic and metaphysical gifts including gemstones, gemstone jewelry, healing crystals, holistic health products.

Akashic Records Readings, Spiritual Evolution Mentoring

Veronica Lee

Wands, Pendulums, Crystal Jewelry, and Sun Catchers.

My Crystal Visions

Illumination Within - Change your vibration, Change your life

Armineh Turgeon

Psychic Reader, Reiki Master, Palmistry, Tarot & Energy Healing.

Amber Martin

Hands on Healing, Paintings, Mugs, Greeting Cards

Toni Tirapelli

The Power & Sacredness of the Feminine

Anna-Thea's Body Wisdom

Venus Temple - Metaphysical Crystal Store

Venus Energia

Crystal Light Bed Therapy, Heart Chakra Activation

Dr. Kathleen L Dixon, Ph.D

Psychic Readings & Spiritual Counseling

Sebastian Cooley

Clairvoyants, Spiritual Teacher and Medium

Karen & Steve

TimeBridge Hypnotherapy & Reiki

Susan Langley

Card Readings, Reiki for People & their Pets

Dennie Sunbeam

The Divine Intentions - Tools of Intention and Manifestation

Rachelle Tomlinson

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Service

Farm Fresh to You

Life Coach, Herbalist, Holistic Health, Reiki, Crystal Energy Guide,

Jody Drexler

Vedic Astrology Readings, Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapies

Mrinmoyee Klinkert

MsSoulLight Tarot, Crystal Magic in Healing

Shalea Gates

Ascend Healing Arts + Mystical Gifts

Alexis Prince

One of a Kind Natural Earth Crystals

Paul Daniel Jordan

Mini Coffins & Metaphysical Items

Sarah Ruiz

Divinity Card Readings

Lee Osborne

Tarot Card Readings

Tamara Trejo

True REST Float Spa

Dawn Morrisson

Aura Photos

Sandy Duveau

Arctic Chaga Tea to Boost Immune System

Rick Carlson

Reiki, Readings, Crystals & Crafts

Crystal Connor

Handmade, UpCycled and Estate Jewelry

Joyce Pierce Alchemies

Gifted Clairvoyant, Reiki Master, Sound Healer

Destiny M

Spirit Energy Artist, Clairvoyant, Medium, Psychic Artist

Kimmie Allen Baldwin

Spiritual Bath Boxes & Self-Love Coaching Sessions

Azia Cherry

Experience Stargate A Doorway to Higher Dimensions

Shari Carolo

Ontology Wellness, Intuitive Readings, Past Life, Spiritual Coaching

Roger Bains

Energy Healing Shamanic Healing

Zion Guinn

Yoga Mats inspired by Tarot Cards

Julie Cloward

Crystals, Wire Wrapped Jewelry & Orgonite

Rhitrie Crystals

Psychic Medium - Come to 10 am Seance!

Bridget Bertera

Holistic Wellness Center: Foot Zoning, Microcurrent, & Bioresonance Scanning

Stacey Goetz

Unique Hand-Made Brujeria Bags for Divination Decks, Crystals or Runes

Roxanne Dungereaux

Best-Selling Author and Spirit Medium, Connecting to Soul Realm

Janie J - Author and Spirit Medium

Psychic Medium

Anne Temple

Spiritual Practitioner, Medium, Consultant, Self-resolved Spiritual Attachment Survivor

Unbound Underground (Paranormal Guide Services)

Share International

Norbert Johnson

Angel Reader Intuitive / Psychic Coach Psychic / Intuitive

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