Oxnard / Ventura

Psychic & Healing Arts Fair

Fri-Sun, April 21-23

10 am - 6 pm @ Oxnard Ventura Courtyard by Marriott

600 East Esplanade Drive Oxnard, CA 93036

(Regular Admission is $10 at the door. Kids 12 and under get in FREE.)

Previous Speaker Schedule - March 5

Included FREE with Admission

10:00 am - Room A

Opening Ceremony with Debra Quispe

Inca Shamanic Solar Meditation and

Talk on Balancing Your Life Through Reiki

10:30 am - Room B

Matt Powers

The Blueprint: Playing Cards & Purpose

11:00 am - Room A

Archna Mehta

Vedic Astrology Can Help You Live The Best Life!

11:00 am - Room B

Tomoko Wynn

Energy Healing

12:00 pm - Room A

Lisa Virginia

Astrological Forcast for March 2023

12:00 pm - Room B

Cheri DeShaw

Quantum Science Energy with Harmonics and Frequencies for Healing

12:30 pm - Room A

Maura Hecht

Merging Psychic Awareness with Body Awareness (Somatics)

12:30 pm - Room B

Cassandra McCall

Reconnect to your Soul's Deep Wisdom using the Akashic Records

1:00 pm - Room A

Emily Violet Rays Jane

Starseeds, Indigos, Lightworkers & Twinflames ~ Our Planetary Mission

1:00 pm - Room B

Sparkle Megz

How To Create Abundance With Hypnosis

2:00 pm - Room A

Sarah Turitto

Meeting Your Angels

2:00 pm - Room B

Christina Greco

Reiki Healing Sound Bath

3:00 pm - Room A

Inca Shaman Jenny O'Brian

Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side

3:00 pm - Room B

Joel Gold

What Is Light Energy, and Is There a Psychic Connection to Healing?

4 - 5 pm - Room A

Ishita Bhama

Manifestation and Past Lives

5:00 pm - Room B

Adam Masters

How to Solve any Disease