Sedona Vendor Instructions

What to Do After You Buy Your Booth

Important Event Details

The event website is:

Buy a Booth:

The Global Center for Christ Consciousness

formerly Unity of Sedona

Address: 100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ 86336 Google Map

Load In: Load in from the parking lot to the front entrance.

Set Up Times: 8 am - 10 am on the morning of the Fair

Open to Public: 10 am - 6 pm

Break Down: 6 pm - 8 pm

Table Cloths: Please bring your own. This is for all booth sizes.

Tables: If you bought a small booth (6'x8' or 6'x5'), bring your own small table. A card table or a 2' x 4' table is best.

Step 1 - Get on the Website

Your Exhibitor Description

Please fill out the exhibitor website listing form, so we can put you on our website.

Your Speaker Description

Exhibitors who give talks almost always do best at our shows. If you'd like to give a talk, please fill out the speaker website listing form.

Updating Your Info

We do recommend that you update your talk title and description at least once a year. To do that, simply resubmit the form.

We Keep You on File

Once you submit the form, we will have your info on file, so you don't need to fill it out for each event.

Would You Like Help? Please call Dean at 831-239-6835.

Step 2 - Choose Your Booth (Optional)

Request Your Top 3 Booth Choices

If you'd like to request a specific booth space, please take a look at the Floorplan below. Then fill out the booth request form.

Would You Like Help? Please call Dean at 831-239-6835.

Step 3 - Get in the Online Expo

What is the Online Expo?

It's a new monthly membership program for vendors to book appointments online and sell stuff online. Click here to view Dean's online booth.

Join the Online Expo

If you would like to join the online expo, follow these instructions.

Would You Like Help? Schedule your FREE consultation or call Dean at 831-239-6835.

Step 4 - Promote on Facebook

Invite Your Friends

Facebook tells us who invites who to the Facebook Event page. Try to invite 100 people.


1. Click here & then click the "Invite" button (located below the main image).

2. Click "Select all," and then click the "Send Invites" button.

3. If you haven't already, be sure to Follow us on Facebook.

4. Go to my personal Facebook page, and send me a friend request as well.

Would You Like Help? Please call Dean at 831-239-6835.

Step 5 - Promote on Instagram

Make an Instagram Post

Download and post our event promo image to your Instagram. Copy and paste our description. Tweak it if you like. Tag us. Add extra hashtags that make sense for your business.


Start by following us on Instagram. We're @newearthevents .

If you're on a computer, right click on the image below, and click "save as" to download the image. If you're on mobile, press on the image until a menu pops up. Then click "download image."

Copy the text below. Post the image & text to Instagram.

Copy & Paste Description

I'll be sharing my gifts as one of the many psychics, healers, vendors, speakers at the Sedona Psychic & Healing Arts Fair on Sat, April 30 from 10am - 6pm. Go to @newearthevents & click the link in the bio to get your FREE Pass.

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Step 6 - Email Your List

Email Your Friends and Customers

Let them know about the event and give them a FREE Admission Ticket.


1. Start by adding us to your email address book. We're

2. Copy the email text below.

3. Edit it as desired, and send it to your list. If you don't have email marketing software, you can send it through your regular email to your contacts. (Just be sure to use BCC not CC when emailing to more than one person). Please add our email to your list, so we'll know that you sent it:

Copy & Paste Text

Hi there, I'm going to be at an event in Sedona, and I would love to offer you a FREE Admission Ticket. It's called the Sedona Psychic & Healing Arts Fair, and there will be lots of psychics, healers, vendors & speakers. It's happening on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at Unity of Sedona (100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ 86336). You can learn more about the event and get your FREE Admission Ticket at

Hope to see you there!

Email Marketing Software

Over the past 35 years, we've used lots of different email marketing software. Most of them charge more money as your email list grows. We have a big list, so it was very expensive for us. However, we recently switched to a new company that is saving us thousands of dollars per year. We're spending less money, and we're getting way more. Now we're using one software for all of our email marketing, websites, landing pages, sales funnels, courses, booking, and more...all for a fraction of what we used to spend on email marketing alone. Click here and enter your email for FREE email marketing software.

Would You Like Help?

Please call Dean at 831-239-6835 if you would like help sending out the email or if you would like help with email marketing in general.

Step 7 - Text Your List

Text Your Friends and Customers

Send last minute event reminders via text, Facebook Messenger, and/or Instagram message. This is one of the most effective ways we've ever found to get people to our events.


1. Copy the text below.

2. Edit it as desired and text it to your phone contacts, Facebook Messenger friends and/or Instagram friends who live near the event.

3. Please send it to me too, so I'll know that you're doing it. You can text me at 831-239-6835 or message me on Instagram @newearthevents or message me on Facebook Messenger at New Earth Expo or Dean Price.

Copy & Paste

Hi there! What are you up to tomorrow? I'll be at the Sedona Psychic and Healing Arts Fair from 10am-6pm. It's at Unity of Sedona (100 Northview Road, Sedona, AZ 86336). You can get a FREE Admission Ticket at

Hope to see you there!

Would You Like Help? Please call Dean at 831-239-6835 if you would like help sending out the text or with text marketing in general.

Step 8 - Bring this to the Fair

Do I Need to Bring a Table or Table Cloth?

Small Booths: If you bought a small booth (6'x8' or 6'x5'), bring your own small table. A card table or a 2' x 4' table is best. Bring your own table cloth as well.

Medium & Large Booths: If you bought a medium or large sized booth (8'x8' or 10'x8' or 12'x8'), the venue will supply the table. However, you must bring your own table cloth.

What Else Should I Bring for My Booth?

Bring big vinyl banners, signs, flyers, business cards, mailing list forms, pens, bungee cords, extension cords, lights, colorful tablecloth, etc.

Should I Bring an Assistant to Help Me at My Booth?

Yes: If you're a vendor selling physical products, it's usually best to bring a helper.

Probably Not: If you're a reader or a healer, you'll probably do better solo. In small booths, helpers can easily be mistaken for customers. If people think you're busy, they're unlikely to stop to talk to you. However, if you bought a large booth where you're in the back doing readings or healings while an experienced sales person is at the front making appointments for you, that can work really well.

Would You Like Help? If you have any questions or would like some help getting your promotional materials designed & printed, please call Dean at 831-239-6835.

Step 9 - Check Your Vibes, Relax and Shine


What are your goals? What does your ideal expo experience look like and feel like? Get specific.

Ask The Divine

Ask your angels and/or preferred divinity to help you reach your goals and attract your ideal customers.


Now that you've decided what you want and asked The Universe to bring it to you, it's time to trust. How does it feel to be divinely supported? How does if feel to already have your prayers answered?


Check your vibes. How are you feeling? If you're feeling any attachment to things having to happen in a certain way, or if you're feeling any fear, anger or sadness, release those feelings. They push people and money away. Release all of your resistance to your ideal reality. Gratitude is the magical attitude, and even 5 min of meditation can raise your vibe and super charge your day. Allow the blessings to flow to you.


"I don't chase. I attract. What belongs to me simply finds me." Click here to follow along with the video (link works on desktop).

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