Desert Hot Springs Psychic & Healing Arts Fair

Sun, Aug 14, 2022

10 am - 6 pm @ Miracle Springs Resort & Spa

10625 Palm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA, 92240

(Regular Admission is $10 at the door. Kids 12 and under get in FREE.)

Speaker Schedule

Included FREE with Admission

10:30 am - Horizon East Room

Betty Sanabria


11:00 am - Horizon East Room

Daniel Prok

Creating Heaven on Earth by Believing In and Perceiving Heaven on Earth

11:00 am - Board Room

Kimmie Allen-Baldwin

Psychic Doodling and Creating Spirit Portraits

11:30 am - Horizon East Room

Dr. Lauren E Pichard

Understanding the Mind, Body, & Spirit Connection for Health & Self Mastery

11:30 am - Board Room

Nicole Hickman - How I Became a

Medium, Akashic Records Reader, Angel Reader, Animal Communicator

12:00 pm - Horizon East Room

Uki MacIsaac

Meet your Spirit Guides

12:00 pm - Board Room

Juan Martinez

Manifesting with Crystals & Color

12:30 pm - Horizon East Room

Karla Michele

5 Ways to Protect your Own Energy

12:30 pm - Board Room

Adrienne Prince

Fulfill Your Mission - Secure the Positive Future for GAIA Earth!

1:00 pm - Horizon East Room

Dr Ida Greene, PhD

Intuition Magic for Life and Business

1:00 pm - Board Room

Nancy Charade

Bio-Magnetics for Optimal Physical & Emotional Health

1:30 pm - Horizon East Room

Roger Bains

The Conversation Before You Were Born

1:30 pm - Board Room

Claudia Yates

High Frequency Essential Oils and Healing

2 - 3 pm - Horizon East Room

Keith Morey

Number One Cause of all Disease, Cancer and Divorce

2 pm - Board Room

Suzanne Wyman

Connecting to the Part of Yourself That is Psychic

3:00 pm - Horizon East Room

Debra Hookey

Let Mediumship Help You Heal

3:00 pm - Board Room

Gary Hendrickson

Raise Your Frequency with Feng Shui Alchemy for Home, Office or New Home

3:30 pm - Horizon East Room

Jaime Allen

Angelic Connection, the Wisdom of the Angels

3:30 pm - Board Room

Tony Alexander

QHHT Hypnosis (Quantum Healing Hypnosis)

4:00 pm - Horizon East Room

Chiara Marrapodi

What Animals Teach You

4:00 pm - Board Room

Betse Bernstein

Therapeutic Thai Massage/ Quantron Resonance-System

4:30 pm - Horizon East Room

Lisa Garcia - Navigating 2022's

Once in a Lifetime Astrology: What You Must Know for Success this Year

5:00 pm - Horizon East Room

Share International

Healing Waters and Their Source

Schedule Appointments, Show Specials, & FREE Gifts

with Readers, Healers & Vendors

Raise Your Frequency with Feng Shui Alchemy for Home or Office

Feng Shui Design Int'l

Numerology, Past Lives, Coaching

Ontology Wellness

Reiki, Healing, Readings, Yoga, & Crystals

Sunshine Sea Heals

More Readers, Healers & Vendors

Access to the exhibit hall is included with admission. Get psychic readings, tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, mediumship readings, astrology readings, numerology readings. Get energy healings, Reiki healings, chakra healings. Shop holistic and metaphysical gifts including gemstones, gemstone jewelry, healing crystals, holistic health products.

Angel Medium/Psychic Medium/Reiki Master Teacher/Crystal Healer/Space Cleansing

Jaime Allen

Chiropractic Adjustments that Harmonize the Physical & Subtle Bodies

Dr. Michael Baba

Life Coach, Author “The Books of Heaven on Earth”

Daniel Prok

Kali's Garden outside on the Grass - Gourmet Organic Vegetarian Food - See Menu below

Rosie Wade

CBD Oil & Moringa Light Energy

Joel Gold

Numerology to Uncover your Life Purpose

Myle Le

Gourmet Herbal Loose Leaf Tea, CBD, Hemp, etc

Bella Juelz

Crystalline Connection - Channel and Medium

Christine Cappuccino

Ho'ola Mana Reiki, Yoga and Wellness for a Radiant Life

Claudia Yates

Crystal Light Bed Therapy, Heart Chakra Activation

Dr. Kathleen L Dixon, Ph.D

Any Bodies Massage . . . Reiki, Crystal, Sound Healing

Joseph Sage Taylor

Holistic Healer, Educator, Life Coach, & Homemade Natural Body Care

Taheerah "Tee" Armour

Ascended Master Messages of Love and Light

Heart Center

Intuitive Mentor and Spiritual Channel

Betty Sanabria

Soleil Crystals, Minerals, Jewelry from Mother Earth

Yi Chang

Bio-Magnetism for Physical & Emotional Health

Nancy Charade

Tarot Card Readings, Oracle Card Readings, Life Coaching

Kirsi Bromann

Tarot / Oracle Card Readings on all Life Matters

Gay Knutson Danjou

Vitamin Nutritional Supplements for Vibrant Health!

Super Good Stuff

Owner/ President at Sgs Research and at Super Good Stuff

Keith Morey

Psychic Medium, Aura Readings, Clean Chakras

Karla Michele

Psychic Portraits: Prints, T-Shirts and More

Kimmie Baldwin

Clairaudient: Tarot, Runes & Rare Crystals

Sunny Nelson

Reiki, Healing, Readings, Yoga, Crystals & Gems

Sunshine Carr

Psychic Medium

Debra Hookey

Aura Photos

John Lundgren

Share International

Raymond Paulson

Spiritual Adviser & Healer

Latrisha Regnier

Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Guidance, Psychic Insights

Reverend Uki MacIsaac

Relaxing or Therapeutic Thai Massage to Correct any Body Challanges

Betse Bernstein

Raise Your Frequency with Feng Shui Alchemy for Home or Office

Gary Hendrickson

Caribbean Divination and Tarot Reader

Daisy Mayers

Deep Readings Using Sacred Geometry to Heal Patterns

Suzanne Wyman

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy - QHHT San Diego

Tony Alexander

Pet Crystals, Home Crystals, Mala, Tag Engravings & More!

Tina Le

Crystals, Wire Wrapped Jewelry & Orgonite

Rhitrie Crystals

Soul Readings from the Akashic Records

Dr. Ida Greene

Ascension Psychology for Healing Physical, Mental & Emotional Problems

Lauren Elisabeth Pichard, PsyD

Psychic Medium, Akashic Records Reader, Angel Reader, Animal Communication

Nicole Hickman

Magical World - Team GAIA, Creative Expression that Unlocks your Mythic Self

Adrienne Prince

Custom Jewelry, Keychains, Tumblers, Crystal Pendants, Bracelets, & Much More!

Collectively Loving Boutique

Ontology Wellness, Intuitive Readings, Past Life, Spiritual Coaching

Roger Bains

Lomi Lomi Kaomi / Hawaiian Power Flow Massage

Akoni Apana

Kali's Garden outside on the Grass - Gourmet Organic Vegetarian Food - See Menu below

Rosie Wade


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