Boulder Psychic & Healing Arts Fair

Sun, July 31, 2022

10 am - 6 pm @ TBA


(Regular Admission is $10 at the door. Kids 12 and under get in FREE.)

Oct 22 Exhibitors

Access to the exhibit hall is included with admission. Get psychic readings, tarot readings, clairvoyant readings, mediumship readings, astrology readings, numerology readings. Get energy healings, Reiki healings, chakra healings. Shop holistic and metaphysical gifts including gemstones, gemstone jewelry, healing crystals, holistic health products.

Leavitt & Asher Creates Wearable Art using Natural Gemstones

Heather Leavitt

Pendulum Alchemy

Erich Hunter Tilgner

Soul Talk with the Akashic Records

Annie Radzus

Cryzbitz - a Combination of Crystal Chakra Stone Chips and Glitter!

Tanya Renae Green

Handcrafted Semi-Precious Gemstone Bracelets

Vicenta Luna Jewelry

April 30 Exhibitors, many of whom will Return for Oct 22:

Harp Magic & “Portals of Light” - Stained Glass & Digital Paintings

Peter Sterling

Freshly-Brewed Botanical Elixirs, Kava Mocktails, and Kratom Infusions!

Lacuna Kava Bar

Most Delicious Superfood Lattes, Tea, Juices, & Herbal Elixirs of all Time

ALT_Mylk Elixir Bar

Mystic, Seer, Psychic Services, Energy Healing Practitioner

Sacred Sounds Alchemy

Channeled Tarot and Akashic Field Past Life Readings

Joshua Martin

Reiki Healer of the Usui System of Natural Healing

Blake Smith

Medium and Intuitive Artist using Angels & Art

Laura's Angels & Saints

Sacred Geometry, Crop Circles and Consciousness

Nadi Hana

Dream & Tarot Readings, Author, Poet, Visionary Artist, Choreographer

Elizabeth Bishop

Aromatherapy, Wands, Moldavites, Chakra Anointments

Ravi Sharma

Love Soul Energy Healing - Cert. Reiki Practitioners & Intuitive Healers

Rosie Nuno

Intuitive Psychic, Spiritual Medium, and Reiki Master

Christopher Mendez

Integrative Psychotherapy, Spiritual Counseling, Online Teaching Programs

New Paradigm Psychology

Retail Products & Intuitive Reading using Sense of Smell

Gemscent Bath Collection

Unity Theory: Science of Spirituality, Gravity, Dark Matter, & Dark Energy!

Isaac Mars

Connect with your Higher Self, Journey into more Self Love

Alana Leone

Framed Crystal Grids to Connect to Your Self & Manifest your Intentions

Conscious Creation Co.

Orgone Anti Stress (EMF) Generators using Wilhelm Reich-like Technology

Sedona Orgone Vortex

Channeled Spirit Guide Portraits, Psychic & Tarot Readings

Kristina Ross

Exceptional Crystals, Gemstones and Minerals at Fair Prices

Crystal Sun Gallery

Plant-Based Nutrition Coach

Jelly Young

Spiritual Adviser and Healer

Latrisha Regnier

Books on Labyrinths & their Uses in Schools

Sandra Wasko-Flood

High Frequency Liquid Nutritional Supplements

Ambaya Gold

Quantum Coach | Oracle | Reiki Master | eNLP

Sharon Wood Coaching

Your Global Guide to Spirituality & Consciousness


Radical Soul Recovery - Intuitive Guidance and Healing

Sofia Isis Sunshine

Healing with Angels using Integrated Energy Therapy

Robert Colangeli

Akashic Records & Energy Healing for Business Women & Entrepreneurs

Toni Bubb

Raise Your Frequency with Feng Shui Alchemy for Home or Office

Feng Shui Design Int'l

April 30 Speakers. Oct 22 Coming Soon

Included FREE with Admission

10:00 am

Eddie Mendez - Opening Ceremony

Guided Meditation with Sound Healing: Gongs & Singing Bowls

10:30 am

Robert Colangeli

Connecting with Angels for Healing & Guidance

11:00 am

Sandra Wasko-Flood

Labyrinths & their Healing Use & Design . . .............. .............. ...............

11:30 am

Alana Leone

A Soul's Purpose Journey - Find your Life's Purpose

12:00 pm

Peter Sterling

Harmonics of Light & Sound, Crop Circles, Sacred Geometry, Atomic Structure, DNA

12:30 pm

Payton Tontz / New Paradigm Psychology

The Power of Heart Coherence Meditation for Self-Regulation

1:00 pm

Tanjila with SoulSearch

Building Spiritual Community in Extraordinary Times

1:30 pm

Sofia Isis Sunshine

Unravelling the Mystery of your Spiritual Destiny

2:00 pm

Ravi Sharma

Chakras, Numbers & Planets

2:30 pm

Ravi Sharma

Chakras, Numbers & Planets - continued

3:00 pm

Oracle Sharon

Own Your Power

3:30 pm

Gary Hendrickson

Raise Your Frequency with Feng Shui Alchemy for Home, Office or New Home

4:00 pm

Shelly Kremer

Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath and Attunement

4:30 pm

Jelly Young & Toni Bubb

Plant-Based Nutrition & the Akashic Records Unfiltered

5:00 pm

Share International

Healing Waters and Their Source

5:30 pm

Isaac Mars

Unity Theory: The Science of Spirituality

Schedule Appointments, Show Specials, & FREE Gifts

with Readers, Healers & Vendors

Your Global Guide to Spirituality & Consciousness

Tanjila with SoulSearch

Akashic Records & Energy Healing for Women Leaders

Toni Bubb

Radical Soul Recovery - Intuitive Guidance and Healing

Sofia Isis Sunshine

Healing with Angels using Integrated Energy Therapy

Robert Colangeli

Raise Your Frequency with Feng Shui Alchemy for Home or Office

Feng Shui Design Int'l

Join Us For An After Party at Lacuna Kava Bar!

You're invited to join us for a Hike on Sunday, Oct 23, at Noon (Arizona Time). This is a Free Experience.

We'll meet at Noon at Boynton Canyon Trailhead, across from the restrooms & the Kiosk where you pay for parking. I suggest getting to the trailhead early, since the parking lot can be crowded. There's also parking on Boynton Pass Road, a few turns before you get to the Trailhead. There's a trail just east of Boynton Canyon Rd that takes you to the parking lot.

Call or text me at 831-239-6835 if you have any questions.